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Bag of 100 Plastic Frame Packers

Product Code: 44006

£5.85 (+ VAT)

Ready to use plastic packers. Accurate and more cost effective than hand – cut material. Colour coded sizes for easy identification. Thickness sizes and approximate quantities shown in brackets : 1.0mm (20), 2.0mm (20), 3.0mm (20), 4.0mm (20), 5.0mm (10) and 6.0mm (10). Display packed.

Additional Details

•   Ideal for aligning battens, window frames, panels and doors, when fixing them on all irregular surfaces
•   Very accurate and more cost effective than hand-cut hardboard, plywood etc.
•   Colour coded size for easy identification.
•   Thickness sizes (approx. quantities shown in brackets):1.5mm (20), 2.2mm (20), 3.0mm (20), 4.0mm (20), 5.0mm (10) and 6.0mm (10

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