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Guided profiler 12.7mm dia x 9.5mm cut

Product Code: 46/91X1/4TC

£28.28 (+ VAT)

Trend Professional 1/4in shank bearing guided trimming cutter – 12.7mm diameter for laminate and template work. 12.7mm diameter X 9.5mm cutting depth bearing guided profiling cutter, perfect for templating and trimming work in timber, laminate and wood based materials. Shank mounted bearing allows good vision of the template for easy and accurate following when hand held routing. Ideal for trimming veneers and laminates and also for forming curved rebates and grooves with templates for increased diversity. Ultra durable Trend Dynamic carbide ensures optimum performance and lifespan in timber and abrasive wood based materials. 1/4in shank for easy control in smaller routers with ‘K’mark shank to ensure safe working practices.

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