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Red UNO® Plugs 6 x 28mm (Card 96)

Product Code: RAW68520

£1.90 (+ VAT)

UNO¨ Fixing Plugs

Rawlplug¨ UNO¨ Plugs are truly universal plugs which fix into any wall, ceiling or floor. Suitable for use in: concrete, brickwork, stone, blockwork, plasterboard. They have a unique design with expansion throughout the length of the plug. They expand at the top giving instant grip. Anti-rotation features prevent spinning in the hole.

Screw Head Size:
Yellow: 3-4.5mm
Red: 3.5-5mm
Brown: 4-6mm
Blue: 4.5-6mm
Grey: 5-8mm

Typical Applications:

– Shelving and cabinets
– Suspended ceilings
– Switch boxes
– Trunking and cable trays
– Boilers
– Water heaters and radiators

These Rawlplug¨ UNO¨ Plugs have the following specification:

Colour: Red
Size: 6 x 28mm
Pack Size: 96

Technical Specs

Colour: Red
Size: 6 x 28mm
Pack Size: 96

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