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Stanley FatMax Autolock Pocket Tape 8m/26ft

Product Code: 112.1091

£29.39 (+ VAT)

Designed to be compact, the ergonomic material casing provides increased grip & comfort for ease of use. The autolock technology ensures the blade feeds out & stops the blade from retracting, while the blade can be retracted by pressing a button. The FatMax pocket tape has a 3m blade stand-out for increased reach and easier measuring, with a detatchable hook that allows the user to work efficiently in different conditions, with a secure hook storage to prevent losing the tape when not in use.

Additional Details

  • Autolock technology – ensures the blade feeds out & stops the blade from retracting
  • Reverse lock mechanism – greater control & increased blade life
  • Mylar coated blade – 10 times more resistance to abrasion & wear
  • Detatchable hook to allow for higher work efficiency in different conditions

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