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Stealth Coverlite™ Overspec Clear K & N rated

Product Code: ASA940-0A3-000

£5.89 (+ VAT)

Stealth™ Coverlite™ K&N rated Overspec – Clear

Conforms to EN 166

Stylish Overspec
The stylish and spacious design of the Stealth™ Coverlite™ means that they can comfortably fit over prescription eyewear whilst having a modern look, unlike traditional, bulkier overspectacles.

K&N Lens Coating
The Stealth™ CoverLite™ lens is coated both sides with our PremierShield™ K rated anti-scratch and N rated anti-mist coating.

Optically Perfect
The robust, low base, minimum curve, optical Class 1
lens provides optimal vision to the wearer.

Pantoscopic Soft Grip Arms
The arms of the
Stealth™ CoverLite™ are pantascopic so that they can be angled above the arms of prescription eyewear. The arms have soft grip pads on them to create a secure and comfortable fit.

Flexible Frame
The Stealth™ Coverlite™ frame is flexible and springy so that they can fit any head size and create a secure fit.

Ultra Lightweight
Made with materials and technology first used on the Stealth™16g, the Stealth™ Coverlite™ is the lightest overspectacle on the market, weighing just 34g. This improves wearer comfort and prevents unnecessary fatigue.

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