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Hand Rail Fittings

Hand Rail Fittings

Fastclamp Sleeve Joint C00

The C00 sleeve joint is perfect for joining two inline tubes by creating a straight joint when two tubes of the same diameter are used. We offer this ...

Fastclamp Sleeve Joint C00 £2.30£3.66 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Expanding Connector C01

The C01 expanding connector is designed to provide an in-line joint between two tubes of the same diameter. This particular fitting fits flush with th...

£2.40£3.65 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp 90° Elbow C02

A 90 degree elbow is designed to offer a joint between two tubes at the right angle of each other....

£2.37£4.14 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Add On Short Tee C03

The Add On Short Tee CA03 allows you to add more to existing structures without needing to dismantle. The tubes must not be jointed within this fittin...

£1.80£3.36 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Long Tee C04

An alternative to to the C03G type fitting. C04 Long Tees provide a butt joint between two tubes at right angles to each other. Often used for railing...

£3.27£5.36 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Variable Elbow C05

C05 Variable Elbows are designed to make joints at an angle of between 15 and 60 degrees. Various specifications are available on the Variable Elbow, ...

£4.34£7.13 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Internal T Joint C06

Internal T Joint is designed to provide an angled joint between a tube and a Fastclamp fitting when used in conjunction with the C02G and C03G type fi...

£4.05£4.35 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Wall Flange C11

Designed to offer a positional wall or base fixing. Not recommended for use as a structural railing base....

£2.16£4.34 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Railing Base Flange C12

The C12 railing base flange is a well designed fitting to provide a base for railing and other structures. It is highly recommended that this fitting ...

£3.75£6.20 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Railing Vertical Side Support C13

The C13 railing vertical side support is designed to provide a base for railings and other structures when a side mounted fixing is needed. We highly ...

£5.66£9.03 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Railing Horizontal Side Support C14

The C14 railing horizontal side support is designed to provide a base for your railings and other structures that need a side mounting fixing....

£5.78£9.29 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Side Palm Fixing C15

The C15 Side Palm Fixing offers a side support which is designed to provide a base for railings and other structures....

£4.34£6.15 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Handrail Bracket C16

The C16 handrail bracket is designed for securely and safely attaching a handrail tube to a wall....

£2.73£4.76 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Ground Support C17

The C17 Ground Support is designed to provide a complete base that can be cast into the ground to support a post....

£12.27£12.69 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Base Flange with Intergrated Toeboard C18

This Base Flange is fitted with an integrated toebard, making it ideal for both guardrailing and balustrading applications. The side plates also have ...


Fastclamp Three Way 90° Elbow C20

The three way 90› Elbow is designed to provide a neat corner for the upper rail of guardrail or frames....

£3.35£6.23 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Corner c/w Through Tube C21

This Corner Complete, made with through tubes, is designed to provide a 90› degrees angle corner for the intermediate rail of guardrails or frames....

£2.67£4.50 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Two Socket Cross C22

The Two Socket Cross C22 fitting will provide the midrail joint for handrails and other types of structures. It is recommended that the handrail post ...

£2.63£4.94 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Side Outlet Tee 45› C23

The Slide Outlet Tee 45› C23 is a three way midrail joint for handrail and other structures. We recommend that the handrail post is continuous throug...

£3.51£6.11 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp 4 Way Cross + Central Tube C24

This 4 Way Cross + Central Tube is a four way midrail joint which is made for handrails and other structures. We recommend that the hand rail post is ...

£4.85£8.70 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Short Tee Swivel (Normally used in pairs) C25

C25 Short Tee Swivel Fittings are usually used in pairs to accommodate corner angles of 90 to 180 degrees. They're used in conjunction with C02 and C0...

£3.74£3.89 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Adjustable 2 Socket Cross 30° to 45° C28

The C28 adjustable two socket cross fitting will accommodate any rake angle from 30 to 45 degrees. It is strongly recommended that you don't use as th...

£7.37£10.35 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Adjustable Short Tee C29

The Adjustable Short Tee C29 will place any rake angle from 30 degrees to 60 degrees, and is commonly used for the top rail of the handrail to accommo...

£3.06£4.65 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Collar C30

This C30 Collar Fitting is made to support the C03 fitting when it is used as a hinge. It can also be used to enhance the load capacity of another fit...

£1.86£2.04 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Gate Eye C31

The C31 gate eye fitting is designed for the use with light weight gates. If a heavy gate is being used, it is recommend C03 and C30 type fittings are...

£2.34£2.73 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Gate Hinge C32

The Gate Hinge C32 is developed for use with light weight gates only....

£2.66£2.85 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Hook C33

The Hook C33 fitting is designed to provide an attachment for chain....

£1.41£2.60 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Fixing Pad C34

The Fixing Pad C34 is designed to offer customers an attachment for the flat sheets on board. Alternatively, it can be used as a gate stop and comes i...

£2.82£3.23 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Male Swivel C35

The Male Swivel clamp C35 is used on its own or with a shackle or chain, or with the C36 female swivel (also available at HTC) to mount rails at any a...

£2.16£2.30 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Female Swivel C36F

The C36F female swivel is designed to be used with the following fittings: C10, C35, C37, C38 or C39 male swivel fittings....

£2.01£2.60 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp 90° Corner Male Swivel C38 G32

90 Degrees Corner Male Swivel is designed to be part of the swivel combi group of fittings. It can be used with two C35 female swivel fittings to make...


Fastclamp Add On 90° Crossover C40

The Add on 90› Crossover allows existing structures to be added without the need for any dismantling. This fitting is designed to give a 90› offset ...

£2.12£3.63 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Clamp on Tee C41

This Clamp on Tee C41 is designed to allow a new tube to be joined to an existing structure, with a max torque of 15N/M. This uses a M10 stainless ste...

£3.42£6.41 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Clamp on Crossover C42

The Clamp on Crossover C42 fitting is designed specifically to allow a new tune to be joined to an already existing structure. n n ...

£2.55£3.29 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Combination Socket C43

The Combination C43 Socket is designed for racking and similar systems to allow the crossover to be combined with a cross tie....

£4.11£5.43 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Single Swivel Combination C45

The C45 Single Swivel Combination is for providing an angled tee between two tubes. It can be used to construct sloping handrails and can be used to p...

£3.98£5.52 (+ VAT)

Base Swivel Combination C46

The Base Swivel Combination C46 will provide an angled wall or floor mounting that cannot be used as a railing base without suitable support....

£4.83£5.78 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Double Swivel Combination C47

The Double Swivel Combination provides an in line angled joint as a post. The combination fitting will also provide a suitability for the mid rail of ...

£7.37£9.69 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp 90› Corner Swivel Combination C48

The C48 90 degree swivel combination is designed to provide an angled joint at a post. It's perfectly suitable for the mid rail of a sloping handrail ...

£7.95£10.44 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Ramp Elbow C50

The Slope Elbow will provide an elbow for use on ramps and comes with a variable angle which accommodates slopes up to 11 degrees as a fitting....

£3.83£6.12 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Short Slope Tee 0° to 11° C51

The Short Slope Tee 0› to 11› C51 provides a Tee joint between two tubes for use on ramps with a variable angle that allows the fitting to accommoda...

£3.29£5.46 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Long Slope Tee 0° to 11° C52

The Long Slope Tee 0› to 11› C52 is designed to provide a joint between two tubes for usage on ramps. The variable angle on this fitting allows it t...

£5.57£6.59 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Slope Base 0› to 11› C53

The C53 slope base 0 to 11 degrees is perfect for providing a base for use on ramps. The varying angle allows for the fitting to accommodate angles up...

£6.63£8.09 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Slope 2 Socket Cross 0› to 11› C54

The Slope 2 Socket Cross 0 degrees to 11 degrees C54 provides a complete joint for the midrail for use on ramps. The variable angle on this fitting al...

£5.85£7.07 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Plastic End Cap C65P

Grey Plastic End Cap available for the finishing of any plain end tubes and will fit medium and heavy gauge tubes....

£0.23£0.35 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Single Mesh Clip C66

The Single Mesh Clip will provide a total fixing for standard mesh panels. It's highly recommended that the clips are spaced at a maximum of 450mm apa...

£0.81£0.92 (+ VAT)

Fastclamp Double Mesh Clip C67

The C67 Double Mesh Clip is designed to provide a fixing for standard mesh panels, with little to no hassle. We recommend that the clips are spaced no...

£1.32£1.35 (+ VAT)

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