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Decorating Equipment & Woodworking Tools Hire

At HTC we’ve developed a reputation for stocking the highest quality and most reliable equipment. Whether you’re carrying home improvements or a major industrial project, all the woodworking and decorating equipment you need can be found on this page. Our woodworking and decorating equipment hire service ensures you’ve got the tools for the job when you need them – with same day and next day delivery to site right across London, Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties. 


In our range you’ll find circular, table and bench saws, mitre saws, cleaning stations, hot air guns, wallpaper strippers, tile cutters, jigsaws, door trimmers and much more. Our saws come in a range of sizes in order to suit every type of project, and in the selection below you’ll find tools designed for the most specific and exacting tasks – so we’re confident that everything you’re looking for is here.


If you can’t see the tool you require or have questions about operating any of our equipment, don’t hesitate to give the friendly team at HTC a call today on 01727 832131 and our experts will be happy to assist you.

Decorating Equipment & Woodworking Tools Hire

Metabo TKHS 315m 110V Table Saw

A market leading site table saw with a sliding carriage intended for ripping, cross-cutting and cutting to size of solid wood, particle board, fibrebo...


UltraMax Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer Hire

Cordless, Airless Handheld Paint Sprayers are the essential tool for turning small jobs around fast. They are designed for spraying solvent resistant ...

Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer

Skill Saw TCT 180mm Hire

A robust and highly durable circular saw that will cut steel quickly and cleanly without any heat, burr or coolant. Typically a blade will cut up to 8...

Skill Saw TCT 180mm

Circular Saw 185mm Hire

A powerful compact circular saw with a spindle lock for easy blade replacement. Hire for effective and fast cuts into timber, plywood and blockboard....

Circular Saw 185mm

Circular Saw 190mm Hire

A versatile and compact circular saw with riving knife and a powerful motor. Can be hired for carrying out tasks for joinery, shopfitting and construc...

Circular Saw 190mm

Circular Saw 235mm Hire

A versatile and compact circular saw with riving knife, electric brake and a powerful motor. Hire for carrying out tasks for joinery, shopfitting and ...

Circular Saw 235mm Hire

Circular Saw 355mm Hire

Our largest circular saw which features a riving knife, electric brake and a powerful motor. Hire for carrying out tasks for joinery, shopfitting and ...

Circular Saw 355mm

Flip Over Saw 260mm Hire

Versatile two-in-one saw which can be used as a bench saw. Alternatively, you can flip it over and use it as a chop saw. Excellent for all aspects of ...

Flip Over Saw

Portable Electric Bench Saw 350mm

Developed as a portable and powerful bench saw to cut bricks, blocks, large tiles and slabs. The side mounted cutting arm & blade gives "straight ...

Portable Bench Saw

Bench Saw 500mm Hire

Heavy duty and robust high capacity table saw with a host of features for improved safety, portability, ease of use and productivity. Available for hi...

Bench Saw 500mm

Compound Mitre Saw Hire

A sliding compound mitre saw for accurate, straight and mitre cutting in wood. Offering a 102mm maximum depth of cut, 3 stage reduction gear unit and ...


Bench Tile Cutter Hire

Heavy duty machine for interior tiling. The tables tilt to allow 45° cuts. The heavy-duty build quality ensures these machines are ideal for rental a...

Bench Tile Cutter

Floor Radial Arm Tile Cutter Hire

Rail mounted sliding cutting head enables easy cutting of larger tiles. The rail tilts to allow bevel cutting of any angle & the head moves to ena...

Tile Cutter

RUBI DC-250 1200 Electric Cutter Hire

A maximum functionality electric tile cutter. The RUBI DC-250 is a zero-dust, powerful and reliable cutting machine for intensive cutting of glazed an...

RUBI DC-250 1200 Electric Cutter

Biscuit Jointer 110V Hire

For cutting crescent shaped slots for the placement of flat wooden dowels or biscuits for a plunging action. Compact and lightweight design for high m...

Biscuit Jointer

Decorator’s Cleaning Station Hire

A highly portable cleaning station hired by decorators to provide economical & environmentally friendly cleaning facility for cleaning brushes, ro...

Decorator's Cleaning Station

Jigsaw 110mm Hire

Jigsaws are used in a large number of applications to vertically cut various materials including wood, metal, plastics, foam, rubber and much more. Fe...

Jigsaw Hitachi

Planer Hire

Hire for efficient cutting of wood into the desired thickness, whilst creating perfectly parallel surfaces. Planes up to 82mm wide and 3.5mm deep in a...


Door Trimmer Hire

Easy to use saw for cutting and trimming doors, door frames and skirting boards without removal....

Door Trimmer

Bessey PS55 Seaming Tool Hire

Hire our Seaming Tool for clamping and positioning components with a smooth surface such as ceramic, granite, corian plastic, sheet metal and glass wh...


TP-1935 Cabinet Hardware Jig Hire

Our TP-1935 Cabinet Hardware Jig is our complete solution for hardware up to 38" C-C, plus the bonus of shelf pin holes. Install knobs and handles wit...


Cordless Biscuit Joiner LXT 18V Hire

Cordless Plate Joiner powered by an 18V Li-Ion battery, ideal for cutting crescent shaped slots for the placement of flat wooden dowels or biscuits fo...


Heavy Duty Planer Hire – 170mm 110V 1806B

Hire our heavy duty planer for unrivaled cutting of wood into the  desired thickness - capable of planing up to an impressive 170mm wide and a depth ...


Hot Air Gun Hire

A professional heat and hot air gun suitable for dust-free removal of all metal and wood varnished coatings, for drying fresh varnished coats and fill...

Hot Air Gun

Laminate Trimmer Hire

Hire for effective trimming of laminates and veneers. Features an adjusting roller for fine adjustment of cutting depth precisely, as well as an adjus...

Laminate Trimmer Image

Multi-Function Tool Hire

Uses an oscillating action to carry out a wide range of smaller scale, detailed functions including sanding, scraping,m routing and cutting. Suitable ...

Multi Tool Hire

Portable Thicknesser Hire

A compact and lightweight thickness planing machine. Planes up to 3mm deep and 150mm wide. The machine features a unique feeding mechanism to assure a...


Router Hire

Designed for cutting slots, joints, rebates and decorative moldings to wood and plastics....


Sash Clamps, F/Board Clamps & G-Clamps Hire

Sash Clamps are primarily designed for clamping large items during fabrication and gluing in carpentry, joinery, boat building and allied applications...

Sash Clamp

Site Table Saw and Stand Hire

A large machined aluminium table top for accurate cutting work. Ideal for cutting large 8' x 4' sheets as well as sawing boards and other long section...

Site Table Saw

Wallpaper Stripper Hire

A fast and effective way to remove all types of wallpaper. Capable of rapidly removing wallpaper including multi-layered, painted and artex finishes. ...


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