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Hoist and Winch Hire

Whatever you need to lift and wherever it needs to go, you’re bound to find a convenient and specific solution to your on-site lifting needs among our huge range of hoist hires and winch hires. All equipment can be delivered to your site on the same day or next day, so take a look at our selection to see what could keep your project moving on time. From genie lifts, glass lifters and 600kg beam lifters to electric hoists and scaffold hoists, we’re sure we’ll have what you need.


Available across London, Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties, our hoist and winch hire service is designed to meet every on-site lifting need – but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you can’t see the equipment you’re looking for below. No two building projects are the same, and we are happy to advise on what will meet your exact requirements and answer any questions you might have. Call us today on  01727 832131.

Hoist and Winch Hire

Builders Gantry Hoist Hire

Designed to be used within a scaffolding or on a flat room where there is no scaffold to attach a lifting hoist to. Features a running beam of 3.3m lo...

Gantry Hoist

Scaffold Hoist 180° Hire

Hiring this Scaffold Hoist can provide reliable, safe movement of materials to the work area when working at height on scaffolding. With the ability t...

Scaffold Hoist

Genie Lift Hire

Our Genie lift hire range provides you with manually operated material lifting solutions available with multiple bases, winch and load handling option...

Genie Lift Hire - Material Lift SLA Range

SLK Counterbalance Material Superlift Range Hire

Our Counterbalance Superlift machines are perfect for working with heavy loads in a variety of different situations including the installation of wind...

Counterbalance Superlift

Beam Lifter Hire 600KG

Our 600KG Beam Lifter is a simpler and more robust device for material handling. It utilises a simple screw mechanism to be wound up to the required l...

600KG Beam Lifter

Combisafe Loading System Hire

Hire to make the task of loading and unloading a flatbed delivery trailer or lorry easier and safer by lifting and carrying equipment and heavy items ...

Combisafe Loading System

Glass Lifter Hire

An innovated portable lifter that allows glaziers to unload, transport and install large sheets of glass. With a lifting capacity of 150kg, the lifter...

Glass Lifter

Brick Lifting Basket

A heavy duty lifting basket specifically designed to be used with our Scaffold Hoists or Builder's Gantry Hoist for the hoisting of building materials...


Porta Gantry Hire

Our porta gantry hire offers you equipment that is portable and easy to assemble on-site without the need for additional equipment. Gantry cranes ease...

Porta Gantry Hire - A Frame Gantry Range

Electric Hoist Hire

Recognized and proven within the industry as the number one hoist, the Electric Chain Hoist is designed to keep working in the most arduous applicatio...

Electric Hoist

Block & Tackle Hire

A block & tackle is a system of two or more pulleys with a rope or cable threaded between them, designed specifically for lifting or pulling heavy...

Block & Tackle

Short Drop Chain Hire

A 1 metre long, 3.15 tonne single leg lifting chain designed to provide movement space when lifting and transporting heavy loads. Thus, preventing goo...

Short Drop Chain

4 Leg Chain Hire

Four leg chains are designed for safely securing and lifting heavier loads than the single drop chain e.g. excavators, telehandlers, generators, sciss...

4 Leg Chain

Sumner Drywall Lifter Hire

Made of a solid, safe construction. Perfect for one man drywall, light fixture and ductwork installation tasks that need a third hand....

Sumner Drywall Lifter

Telescopic Self Levelling Crane Fork Hire

A self balancing crane fork which allows you to effortlessly and safely move palleted loads on site using a crane. Supplied with a protective netting ...

Crane Fork

Bogie Wheels Hire

Bogie Wheels are designed for safe and easy transportation of heavy and awkward loads, comes complete with 2 solid rubber wheels. Recommended load siz...


Genie Super Hoist 3.8M Hire

A small and compact lifting hoist operated by compressed CO². Our Super Hoist is popular with heating and ventilation companies due to its portabilit...

Genie Super Hoist

Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter Hire

A heavy duty device designed to lift and move away all common sizes of manhole covers....

Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter

Scaffolding Gin Wheel Hire

Used on scaffolds to move materials and equipment e.g. buckets and toolboxes from the ground to the top of the structure. Used with 18mm - 24mm diamet...

Scaffolders Gin Wheel

Bumpa 8 Metre Hoist

The Bumpa is a quick to erect hoist capable of lifting up to 80kg loads. Perfect for lifting bricks, tiles, slates and other building materials....

Bumpa Hoist

Portable Conveyor Systems Hire

Hire for removing rubble, aggregate, soils and other building materials. Supplied with a heavy duty hopper - these sections are designed to be interli...

Portable Conveyor Systems

Cable Roller Hire

Heavy duty bridge style cable roller for use in most cable laying applications. The design allows for the roller to be placed over multiple cables &am...

Cable Roller

Manhole Cable Roller Hire

Manhole Cable Rollers are used in manhole cable laying work. Designed for placing at the end of the manhole or pit entrance to ease the cable in....

Manhole Cable Roller

Cable Pulling Winch Hire

Hire our electrically powered Cable Pulling Winch for installing long or heavy lengths of cable in different locations. Available in pulling capacitie...

Cable Pulling Winch

Portable Twin Diesel Capstan Winch Hire

Hire our twin Diesel Capstan Winch for pulling cables through ducts, raising portable buildings, clearing debris from rivers, lakes and canals, forest...

Diesel Capstan Winch

Tirfor Lifting and Pulling Machines Hire

Multi purpose machines capable of acting as a winch, hoist or tensioner and has a remarkable strength to weight radio. They can be used to lift, pull ...

Lifting and Pulling Machine 3.2 Tonnes

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