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Concreting Equipment Hire

Hire our concreting equipment with same or next day delivery. Mixers, pumps, and power floats. You name it, we’ve got it.

Concreting Equipment Hire

Concrete Skip Hire

Our Concrete skip hire offers you the 1025H - a versatile, all-purpose column skip for pouring concrete. It has been the long-standing favourite for g...


Belle Mini Mixer Hire

Available to hire with same day & next day delivery in Petrol or Electric configuration, our Mini Mixers are lightweight and portable machines whi...

Mini Mixer

5 3½ Site Mixer

Available to hire with same day & next day delivery, our Site Mixers are suitable for heavy duty mixing of large batches of mortar and concrete. F...

Site Mixer

Concrete Swivel Head Float Hire

Hire this tempered blue steel blade for smoothing and improving the surface of wet concrete. Featuring extra round corners the blue float can achieve ...

Concrete Swivel Head Float

Petrol Power Float Hire

This petrol driven trowel machine is capable of rapidly smoothing and troweling large, wet concrete areas to produce a smooth and fine surface finish....

Power Float Hire

Petrol Twin Beam Screed Hire

Available to hire with same day & next day delivery, our twin vibrating heavy duty Beam Screed is for striking off and vibrating concrete between ...

Beam Screed

Forced Pan Action Mixer Hire

Available to hire with same day & next day delivery, our large capacity Forced Pan Action Mixer is suitable for mixing applications without needin...

Forced Pan Action Mixer

Plaster Mixer Hire

Plaster Mixers are an ideal alternative to mixing materials by hand. Our high-torque mixers are hired to meet the demands of the professional by takin...

Plaster Mixer

Road Forms Hire

Road forms are a simple form of shuttering which is usually used for concrete slabs and floors. A range of depths from 100mm to 300mm are available, e...

Road Forms

High Frequency Poker Hire

Heavy duty & highly reliable high frequency poker with a built in frequency converter - suitable for medium and low slump, concrete, walls, forms,...

High Frequency Poker

Vibrating Poker Range Hire

Our range of heavy duty, high frequency vibrating pokers are designed for the removal of air bubbles in the toughest of site conditions. They eliminat...

Vibrating Poker

Rebar Bender Hire

Hire a fully portable Rebar Bender and Cutter. This product features a multiple cut and bend system designed for cutting and bending rebar and other t...

Rebar Bender Hire

Rebar Bender and Straightener Hire

A fully portable, double acting hydraulic cylinder capable of bending or straightening up to 32mm Rebar....

Rebar Bender & Straightener

36″ Round Hole Economy Concrete Tamper

A rugged, durable economic tamper for both small and large concreting projects. Tamping with this tool pushes large aggregate to the bottom to add str...

Concrete Tamper

Concrete Cube Crusher hire

Concrete Cube Compression Tester Our Concrete Cube Crusher hire offers you compression tester that is designed to test 100mm, 150mm and 200mm cubes a...

Concrete Cube Crusher Hire Product on Display

Concrete Test Cube Hire

Professional concrete test cubes are used to test that concrete is fit for purpose when carrying out a concrete cube test by measuring the compressibl...

Concrete Test Cube

Centrifugal Water Pump Hire

Hire our robust and reliable centrifugal water pump for removing large volumes of water quickly whether for the local authorities, farmers, plant hire...

Centrifugal Water Pump

Submersible Puddle / Flood Pump Hire

Hire this robust residue puddle pump for quick removal, draining and emptying of water in pools, trenches and flooded areas such as basements, cellars...

Submersible Pump

Trash / Dirty Water Pump Hire

Hire this robust water pump to tackle the demanding needs of wastewater removal applications on site. Suitable for draining and emptying of dirty site...

Dirty Water Pump

Layflat Hose Hire

Our layflat hoses are faultless for use with our Centrifugal and Submersible Water Pumpers. Requiring no real installation besides rolling and laying,...

Layflat Hose

Drain Stoppers 24″ Hire

Hire our drain stoppers for pressure testing pipes, new drains and sewers....


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