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GRP Tower Hire

Product Code: GRPT

Our heavy-duty glass fibre GRP Towers are suitable for those working in the most demanding environments. Non conducting, non sparking, non corrosive and non oxidizing, these towers are perfect for working in high risk electrical & flammable zones.

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Additional Details

  • Maximum Safe Working Load per tower is 750kg
  • Maximum safe working load per platform is 225kg
  • Choose between 0.85 metre and 1.45 metre frame width
  • Choose between 1.80 metre and 2.50 metre decks
  • Maximum tower heights range from 4.2 metres to 14.2 metres


Platform Height Max. Working Height
1.2 metres 3.2 metres
3.2 metres 5.2 metres
5.2 metres 6.2 metres
6.2 metres 8.2 metres
7.2 metres 9.2 metres
8.2 metres 10.2 metres
9.2 metres 11.2 metres
10.2 metres 12.2 metres
11.2 metres 13.2 metres
12.2 metres 14.2 metres
Deck Lengths Safe Working Load
1.8 metres 225 kgs
2.5 metres 275 kgs



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