What is Plant Hire?

Plant hire involves the rental of construction equipment and machinery, from forklift trucks to telehandlers. It provides those working in the construction industry with an alternative to purchasing their own equipment.

How does plant hire work? 

Plant hire is a service which allows those involved in construction projects to hire equipment and machinery on a temporary basis, rather than purchasing it. Hiring such machinery is a common practice in the construction industry. It can be a very effective solution, allowing flexibility and cost effectiveness.

A plant hire service usually works by stocking a wide range of products and taking orders from construction professionals and businesses. The equipment is usually then delivered to the site where the customer is working. 

Who might need a plant hire service? 

Plant hire services are used by businesses and contractors throughout the construction industry, and support a wide variety of jobs. 

Self-employed construction professionals and smaller businesses might not find it financially viable to own this kind of equipment and machinery, so hiring it when needed is more cost effective. Furthermore, using a plant hire service means they don’t need to worry about storage facilities, which can be costly to acquire and maintain. 

Regardless of the size of the business using the service, plant hire has a significant advantage because of its flexibility. The most specialised equipment can be hired for each specific job, often enabling a higher standard of work. By contrast, when such equipment is bought, a single piece of machinery often has to be used for a wide range of functions and jobs in order to get better value for money. There is also a financial incentive for companies to maintain the machinery they own for as long as possible rather than frequently replacing it, but this can mean it becomes outdated and even unreliable. Using a plant hire service instead means that you can always have the latest and best quality equipment.

What kind of machinery is available from a plant hire service? 

Whatever piece of equipment you are looking for, there is probably a plant hire service out there that can help, however unusual your request! However there are a number of key categories of machinery which any good plant hire service should stock.

Excavators and diggers

Excavators and diggers come in a wide range of sizes, with different models being more suitable for different tasks. For example, a mini digger might be perfect for working in tighter spaces, but when dealing with heavy loads on a large construction site, a large excavator is likely to be preferable. Hiring a digger or excavator means you can pick the specific model best suited to the job at hand.


A telehandler, also known as a telescopic handler or boom lift, is used for moving and lifting. Perfect for moving heavy items across sites, or else for lifting equipment and materials onto scaffolding or roofs, telehandlers are in high demand on many construction sites. Different models have greater or shorter reach, and some can carry particularly large or heavy loads.

Bobcats and dumpers

Construction sites inevitably have a lot of waste, and bobcats and dumpers are used to clear rubbish out of the way, usually into a skip, so that work can continue. Whether it’s rubble and debris from demolition, or packaging and surplus or broken material, keeping a site tidy and order is hugely important, and you need the right machinery to do it. 


A compactor is the machinery used to crush and compress waste, or sand, soil and gravel. They are used in both construction and agriculture. Some compactors are smaller, whereas others, particularly those used for agricultural work and large commercial construction projects, take the form of large sit-on machines.


One of the most versatile and multi-functional pieces of equipment is a forklift. This makes it an essential item to have around on any project. Forklifts can be used to transport and offload materials like bricks or concrete, or to lift things into high up or difficult to reach places. Hiring a forklift enables you to pick a machine which is the right size and uses your preferred fuel source.


For construction professionals who are using air-powered pneumatic tools such as drills, nail guns and sanders, it’s essential to have an air compressor on site to keep those tools working. Hiring a compressor gives the customer access to the most up to date, transportable and lightweight models.

Fuel bowsers and storage tanks

The needs of each site are different, and sometimes extra storage and containers are needed, including more unusual and specialist kinds of storage such as for containers and bowsers for water and fuel. Since this equipment may not be necessary for every job, hiring it through a plant hire service can be a great option.

Plant attachments

Even if you own some of the machinery and equipment which you need for your work, you might need to hire plant attachments and accessories in order to meet the specific needs of a particular job. 



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